This document describes the rights, obligations and conditions of use related to the use of Group Casier's online applications, Casier Risk & Insurance srl and Group Casier Risk & Insurance srl, hereinafter referred to as Group Casier. It explains how Group Casier handles your personal data, what Group Casier expects from users of its online applications and what these users can expect in turn from Group Casier. If you have any questions or comments regarding this disclaimer, please contact Group Casier using the contact form on this website.

1 Definition

The designation "Group Casier" used in this disclaimer concerns all related legal entities that are part of the Group Casier.

The term "user" means any person, regardless of his quality (customer, accountant, worker, ...), making use of Internet sites and / or online applications, whether protected or not, managed by the Group Casier.

2 Intellectual Property Rights

All the intellectual property rights relating to the logos appearing on the website, copyrights on texts, copyrights on computer support programs and applications (non-exhaustive list) belong to Group Casier.

Any unauthorized use, unauthorized copying, modification or use of any element of this website, whatever the nature and form of this use, without the express authorization of Group Casier, is strictly prohibited, with the exception of Personal use for purely informational purposes.

3 Accessing online applications

Secure Group Casier applications are only accessible through a unique identification procedure. The user must ensure that this identification procedure is carried out in a strictly personal manner and that the connection data remain confidential and do not fall into the hands of third parties.

4 Using Online Applications

The user may, in accordance with the agreements, make use of the proposed online applications. The right to use online applications is not exclusive. Group Casier may modify or delete this right at any time for legitimate reasons.

The user will use online applications as a good parent.

The user accepts all updates made by Group Casier.

When the user himself loads documents into an online application, he assigns to Group Casier the right to reproduce each loaded document. This right of reproduction will only be used by Group Casier to serve its own purposes.

5 Confidentiality

The user undertakes to preserve the strict confidentiality of the information resulting from Group Casier's online applications and not to market them and / or transmit them to third parties without the express authorization of Groupe Casier.

The user also undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of the data.

6 Responsibility

All the services provided by Group Casier through its websites and online applications, whether secured or not, are subject to an obligation of means.

Given the rapidly evolving (social) legal information, Group Casier is not responsible for data and documents that are inaccurate, incomplete or subject to interpretation and can not therefore be held liable for any alleged damage arising from Of the use of the information present on this website. However, Group Casier does its utmost to update the information it makes available in the most efficient and timely manner. If certain information is not correct, please inform Group Casier as soon as possible. Group Casier will then make every effort to rectify this information as soon as possible.

The simulations offered on this website can not be assimilated to an offer. The values ​​and results presented are indicative and should therefore be interpreted as such.

Group Casier is not responsible for the information provided on external websites to which a link (hyperlink) is present on the site of Group Casier.

Group Casier can not be held responsible for the non-optimal operation of the services proposed due to the non-functioning or faulty operation of the user's computer equipment. In addition, Group Casier can not be held liable for any loss or damage of any nature arising from the use of the proposed online services, unless serious negligence can be attributed to it.

Unavailability of applications and / or late or incorrect receipt of data will never be attributable to Group Casier.

Group Casier is solely responsible for any direct damage resulting from serious misconduct. Compensation for this proven loss is limited to an amount equal to the remuneration received as consideration for the services performed by Group Casier during the past year. The user, insofar as he intends to make use of his possible right to compensation, must notify Group Casier by registered mail within thirty days of the date on which the damage occurs.

7 Competency clause

The courts of the judicial district of West Flanders, Kortrijk, shall have sole jurisdiction to hear disputes relating to the provisions of this disclaimer.

Group Casier may at any time unilaterally modify the provisions of this disclaimer.